แบบฝึกหัด เรื่องสำนวนที่ใช้ในการซื้อของ
Salesman: Good morning, madam. May I help you?
Carla: Sure I’m looking for a shirt. 1.­­_________________.
Salesman: I have any kind of shirt. If you want to see, this way, please?
Carla: Oh, it is so various. But I want I want the same kind but white that I am wearing.
Salesman: Sorry, I have a same kind, but no white.
Carla: Emmm… what color do you have?
Salesman: Green, yellow, orange, light blue and black.
Carla: I love orange and do you have any size?
Salesman: All right. I have all size, S, M, L, XL.
Carla:  Do you have XXL?
Salesman: Emmm… let me check my stock, please wait for a while.
Lucky! I have, madam. But just 10 shirts.
Carla: Oh. I want 12, But just 10 shirts.
Salesman: 450 baht per one.          
Carla: 2.­­­­____________________?
Salesman: How about 430 baht.
Carla: 420 baht, please?
Salesman: Emmm… OK. 3.__________________.
Carla: Great! So, I will come and invite my friends to shop here again.
Salesman: Thank you so much.
Carla: Well, ­­­­­­­­­­­4. _______________?
Salesman: 420 baht, madam.
Carla: Here it is.
Salesman: And here is your change. 5. ______________________________.
Carla: Yes, I will be back for sure.
1.             What kind of shirt do you have?
2.             Could you please give me a bargain?
3.             This is a special price for only you.
4.             How much are these?
5.             Thank you so much for coming and please let me service you again.

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